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Independent Senior Living: Secrets of Style

independent senior livingStyle is something that we acquire after years of living and learning. As we age, we have a very good idea of what works, and what does not. Go with your instinct, and take pride in your appearance – this will not only make a good impression on your friends and neighbors, but it will also make you feel better and self-assured. Living in the independent senior living community may stimulate you to look stylish every day. We have some tips for you:

Tips to always be stylish in the independent senior living community:

  1. Choose quality over quantity. Rather than having a closet bulging with clothes bought at deep discounts, select pieces in your wardrobe that are made of good fabric, fit well, and always make you look your best. Discard anything that is too tight or too revealing. Donate clothes you have not worn in two years.
  2. Make sure your clothes are clean, pressed and in good repair, with no missing buttons or split seams. Shoes should be clean and polished.
  3. Comfort counts, and these days, there is no need to sacrifice style for comfort. Choose clothing that is machine washable for everyday wear,
  4. Choose colors that flatter your skin tone, and that help you look your best. There are colors that are universally flattering such as blush pink, or periwinkle blue; or choose a tone that brings out the color of your eyes.
  5. Accessories can easily “make” an outfit. A statement necklace, floral scarf, or pretty bangle bracelet can tie everything together and show off your personal style. For gentlemen, a good watch or your favorite hat can do the same.
  6. In order to look our best, we need to maintain a healthy body. Incorporate daily walks in your schedule, ride your bike, swim, and lift light weights. Also, protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen and a good hat.

Grooming counts

Even if you don’t participate in strenuous exercise, keep yourself clean and well-groomed at all times, and of course, good dental hygiene is a must.

For ladies, a little make-up goes a long way – some foundation, groomed eyebrows, blush, and lipstick, can make the difference between looking good and looking fabulous. Find a hairstyle that is flattering and easy to maintain.

Men, get your hair cut regularly, and keep nails short and clean and keep all facial hair under control.

Remember, style is timeless. Trends come and go. Distressed jeans and graphic t-shirts are not for our generation. A tailored blazer and a pair of dark-washed jeans with good quality shoes show your good taste and may be an inspiration to the younger generation.

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