The Ultimate List of Senior Living Activities

03/01/2018 developer Comments

senior livingBeing retired and living in an independent senior living community means that instead of fighting the traffic during your daily commute to work, you are flexible to spend your time as you wish.  You’ve worked a lifetime to raise a family and earn a living. Now is the time to relax and enjoy your life, and the best time to try new hobbies and activities.

Physical Activities 

It’s very important to remain active in your retirement. Staying active will help keep your heart healthy, maintain your weight, decrease stress and improve your mood. Always check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program. Based on your fitness level and ability, consider incorporating some of these activities into your daily life:

Walking is easy on your joints; you can walk briskly for cardiovascular benefits, or at a slower, more relaxed pace if you are just starting to exercise. Join (or start) a walking group in your community to make this a social event. Don’t forget to stay hydrated on long walks.

→Golfing is low-impact, but it allows you to walk for hours, enjoying the outdoors and socializing with your fellow golfers.

→Swimming – if you have a private or community pool, take advantage of the opportunity to swim or take water aerobics classes.

→Hikinglook for hiking trails nearby and organize hiking groups.

→Dancing is a fun activity at any age.

→Yogaif you have never done yoga before, try a “yoga for beginners” class and learn to stretch and relax your body for increased flexibility.

→Weight-traininglifting light weights for a few minutes a day will strengthen your bones and keep your muscles toned. Be careful not to lift anything too heavy and find a workout buddy to “spot” you at the gym.


Always wear sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.


If you are not already familiar with some of these hobbies, it is worth looking into them. Try a few, and you may discover some hidden talents.



•Learning how to use social media, like Instagram or Facebook


•Cooking or baking


•Play card games



•Drawing or coloring

Choose activities based on your interests, budget and fitness level. Engage in group activities for the social aspect as well as safety. Age is just a number – you are as young as you feel.

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