Ten Best Jobs After Retirement

03/12/2018 Julia Chubarova Comments

independent senior livingMany of you in independent senior living communities are retired. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop working. Whether you are looking to earn some extra cash, or just want to get out of the house and keep your mind sharp, there are many part-time job opportunities to consider.

Temp job.

Use the skills accumulated throughout your career (bookkeeping, administrative support, legal background) to your advantage. Apply for a temporary job in that field. “Temp-ing” allows the flexibility to take a break between assignments, in case you want to travel or relax, and pick up another one when you are ready.

House sitter.

These positions are posted on local community boards, or online on places like Craig’s list. This job involves bringing the mail inside, watering the plants, perhaps feeding the fish or a cat, and opening a window to air out the house.

Customer service representative.

If you are a “people person” and can deal with all kinds of personalities with patience, kindness, and professionalism, this may be a good job for you. Many companies allow their customer service representatives to work from their homes.

Teacher’s aide.

Even if you have no teaching experience, this may be a job to consider if you like working with children. Some of the duties are taking attendance, distributing workbooks, collecting assignments.


Maybe all your grandchildren love your chocolate macadamia nut cookies – why not share that deliciousness with others. Contact local fairs or farmers markets and inquire about selling your baked goods.

Teach knitting or crochet.

Many people are interested in knitting. Consider holding a workshop to teach this skill to others.

Retail job.

These positions offer flexible schedules and an employee discount. Find a store where you like to shop and approach the store manager for part-time work.

Movie Theater cashier or usher.

Get free tickets to movies and discounts on snacks.

Tour guide.

If you enjoy art and cultural events, look for a job at a local museum or historical society as a tour guide.


If you do not necessarily need the additional income, but would like to give back, consider volunteering at a school, hospital or animal shelter.

You will find that many companies will appreciate the expertise and wisdom that an older generation brings to the workforce. Choose a job that is right for you, and don’t commit to anything that you don’t enjoy doing.


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