Tips on Moving into an Active Senior Community

04/10/2018 developer Comments

senior communityMoving is tiresome no matter what age you are, but it doesn’t have to be stressful.

Check out these tips on moving into an active senior community and making your move a smooth transition.

Choose your climate.

Are you someone who loves all four seasons? Do you like to ski? Or do you prefer warm weather all year round? Where would you rather be on a January afternoon? Hiking through the snow, all bundled up, or walking on the beach, in your shorts? Those are important decisions to make and some of the first questions you should ask yourself.

Look into tax rates for the states you are interested in.  

States like Wyoming, Texas, and Florida have terrific income-tax advantages but have high property taxes. Weigh the costs carefully before making a decision.

Make your buying decision based on the season.

The busy season in southern states includes winter through spring. Therefore the best time to buy property in these states will be late spring or early summer.

Visit the community and take advantage of the services offered.

If you are a golf or tennis player, play a game or two in the community you are considering. Use the swimming pool and the gym during the peak hours. See what it’s like at its most crowded. Are the residents friendly? Do you see yourself interacting with them? Is the staff helpful? Are the streets walk-able? Can you ride your bicycle safely within the community?

Check out the activity calendar.

Does the community offer games you enjoy? What about classes, or book clubs? Are there road trips scheduled that you would enjoy taking? Perhaps you want to participate in a spiritual activity, such as a bible-study. Review the calendar and attend a few activities to get a feel for what it will be like living there.

How much housekeeping is provided?

Do the maintenance fees include all landscaping and gardening? Will the grass be cut? Will the community provide restaurant-type meals? Is there a laundry service provided? Even if you are used to doing these things on your own, it’s good to know what services are available.

As you go through these tips, picture yourself living in the community and participating in all the activities and interacting with the residents. Do you fit in? Does it feel right? Only you can tell!

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