Fears About Moving into Senior Living

04/20/2018 developer Comments

senior livingIs it time to move into a senior living community? Only you can decide if it’s the right move for you. There are many things to consider before making the final decision.

I will lose my independence.

Fact: Senior Living facilities make activities accessible based on each resident’s ability. If the resident is capable of running her own errands, she has the freedom to do so.

I will lose control over my daily activities.

Fact. The residents dictate when they want to schedule their appointments when to exercise or eat their meals. Read: Senior Living Activities

I will feel isolated from my family and friends.

Fact: Family and friends may come and visit any time – even every day.

I need someone to administer my medicine every day.

Remedy: You (and a loved one, if necessary) will need to discuss with your doctor to see how much care you need. Then speak with the administrator at the Senior Living facility you are considering to ensure that there will be a medical professional to provide the proper care. Also, find out how emergencies are treated, and make sure that you provide a contact number to the administrator.

A senior living community may be too expensive for me.

Fact: There are many options available for different budgets. You may want to consider a rental rather than buying. Know what you can afford and make sure that you get all the prices in writing from the places you are considering. Read: Payment structure of the Senior Community

How will I deal with the move?

I will have to downsize – how will I be able to part with a lifetime’s worth of stuff? Fact: You can do this slowly, as soon as you find out you are moving. Go through the clothing you haven’t work in a year and donate it. Also donate books, dishes, extra linen – or if practical, have a garage sale. Whatever does not sell, you can donate to a charity. Read: Tips on moving into an active senior community.

What are the pros and cons of moving into a senior community?

  1. Pros:
    1. Tightly-knit community to socialize with
    2. Cooking and housework is handled by someone else
    3. Secure environment
  2. Cons:
    1. You may miss your old friends and neighbors (but will make new ones)

Do your research diligently. Have a long list of questions to ask when you are looking at senior living facilities. Speak with other residents and with staff and picture yourself living there. If it doesn’t feel right, move on to the next place. There will be a perfect one for you soon.

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