Four ways senior living makes traveling easier

05/11/2018 developer Comments

senior livingBeing retired is not what it used to be. Seniors are taking better care of themselves, are healthier, more fit than ever and living longer, which opens up more opportunities to enjoy retirement.  Living in a senior living community makes you feel like you are always on vacation – the leisurely pace, social life and athletic activities are a far cry from the stress of daily commute and a full workweek.

One of the things to look forward to in retirement, health and budget permitting, is traveling. Senior living makes traveling easier and less stressful:

⌛More time to travel.

As a homeowner, there was always something to worry about or work on – a leaky roof, cracked sidewalk, yard-work. However, as a resident of a senior living community, you are free to spend your time as you wish. Additionally, as part of a community, you can easily ask your neighbors to water your plant, bring in your mail or feed your cat.

?Larger travel budget.

Living in a senior living community means that you don’t need a car. Not having to pay property taxes or car-related expenses, your discretionary budget allows a few thousand dollars a year to spend on travel.

?Travel ideas.

Hey, you’re not the only one who is fortunate enough to travel. Your next-door neighbor may have just come back from a cruise, and your bridge partner may have been planning her European vacation. Let them inspire you to plan your own dream vacation.

?Travel buddy.

If you are single, chances are you have already formed great friendships in your senior living community, and can ask one of your friends to be your travel buddy. You can plan the trip together and determine the places you would both like to see. Travelling will also make it easy to make new friends – you never know whom you might meet while waiting in line to buy tickets for the Statue of Liberty ferry!

Always travel safely. Keep your valuables home, and make sure your passport and cash are secure.

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