Owning pets positively impacts seniors’ health

05/31/2018 developer Comments

As we age, our lifestyles often change. One of the changes may mean moving to a senior living community and becoming accustomed to new environments. Sometimes this results in loneliness, depression or boredom. Owning a pet or playing with one create a sense of companionship and also improve seniors’ physical and mental health. Benefits of Read more

Four ways senior living makes traveling easier

05/11/2018 developer Comments

Being retired is not what it used to be. Seniors are taking better care of themselves, are healthier, more fit than ever and living longer, which opens up more opportunities to enjoy retirement.  Living in a senior living community makes you feel like you are always on vacation – the leisurely pace, social life and Read more

Senior Living Health-Stay Hydrated

03/21/2018 developer Comments

Spring has arrived, and many senior living communities have lots of outdoor activities planned for their members. When participating in these activities, be sure to keep a bottle of water handy in order to avoid getting dehydrated. Benefits of drinking water Drinking water is essential to your health. Proper hydration means that your bodily fluids Read more

Mindfulness Meditation and How it Benefits the Elderly

01/30/2018 developer Comments

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years for different reasons. Some people meditate as part of religious worship or to attempt to reach altered states of consciousness, and others meditate to clear their mind and relax. Mindfulness meditation is practiced as a way to bring us in the moment, to be aware of the Read more

How Senior Living Communities Help Maintain an Active Social Life

10/10/2017 developer Comments

An active, social lifestyle is good for the body and mind, and it promotes longevity. Physically active seniors have lower rates of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and some cancers. A 2008 study by the Harvard School of Public Health, found evidence that older adults in the U.S. who have an active social Read more

Elderly Loneliness: How to Help Your Loved One?

10/04/2017 developer Comments

All over the world, seniors are living in isolation and feeling as though they are completely alone. Loneliness affects the well-being of seniors significantly. Friends, family, and caregivers should be aware of the potential effects of extreme solitude and take steps to protect your loved one from elderly loneliness. Moving seniors into an independent living Read more