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There are many reasons why an active senior should move into a retirement community, here are 10 good reasons why they should move into Champions Cove:

Positive Change

Living in a community provides many opportunities for social interaction and friendship. This social environment can help avert loneliness, inactivity and depression. “I wish I had done this sooner” is often heard from our residents.

Physical Health

A variety of group and individual activities are available at Champions Cove which encourage a healthy, active lifestyle while having fun.


Life is better around friends. A retirement community provides a comfortable atmosphere with others of the same age and with common interests. Finding new friends couldn’t be easier.

Enjoy Life

Our goal is to provide a pleasant stress free living experience. Here you’re free to concentrate on things you want to do, not things you have to do. Just focus on fun, we’ll take care of the rest.

Good Mental Attitude

We create a lifestyle that is interesting and exciting, helping to keep you sharp both physically and mentally.

Personal Development

There is always something interesting going on here. You’re free to try new things and enjoy new experiences with trips to intriguing places and entertaining events that exercise your mind, body and soul.


Talk, interact and laugh. With so much going on and so many friends to share experiences with, good times are assured.

Fixed Costs

Resident know their fixed monthly cost, so budgeting is much easier with no unexpected bills or expensive home repairs. Worry less, enjoy more at Champions Cove.

Fun, Active Lifestyle

We host parties, play bingo, provide exercise classes, create entertainment and take trips. Your days are as full or as relaxing as you like. Create a lifestyle of your choice and enjoy living at Champions Cove today!

Maintenance free

Just imagine, no gutters to clean, no pushing a mower or dealing with stressful home repairs. Everything is taken care of by our expert maintenance staff. All play and no work, now that’s living.